My name is Mark Roepke and I am a Curriculum Engineer at Databricks. I work on the education team focusing on the development of Spark-focused training curriculum and certification exams for developers and data scientists. I previously worked as Senior Data Scientist at 84.51° in the Digital Personalization space. I focused on the personalization of recipe-based services and the development of intelligent meal-planning services.

I am specifically interested in the area of data science education. I enjoy designing, developing, and delivering introductory R- and Python-based data science training workshops for people interested in entering the field of data science and intermediate workshops for people interested in expanding their skillset. I am certified by RStudio to design and deliver tidyverse training workshops and am resposible for the following R and Python training workshops at 84.51°: introduction to R, intermediate dplyr, RMarkdown, xaringan, and introduction to Python for data science. I have contributed to and delivered trainings in GitHub, intermediate R and intermediate Python.

A lot of my time also goes to developing and contributing to open-source data science software. I developed and maintain the flxr R package and I have contributed to the cattonum R package available on CRAN. I was also a co-maintainer of 84.51°'s generic R package and the primary developer and maintainer of 84.51°'s data visualization and branding R package.

I graduated from Xavier University with a B.A. in Economics & Mathematics in 2016 and I am currently pursuing my M.S. in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University.

Outside of data science, my interests tend to be fleeting. Over the last few years I've found myself interested in soccer, cooking, hiking, and running.